com.neoworks.connectionpool Database connection pooling functionality.
com.neoworks.jukex Core JukeX interfaces and functionality.
com.neoworks.jukex.client.html.standard Servlet based HTML client for JukeX. Text (command line) user interface for JukeX.
com.neoworks.jukex.query JukeXQL query language support.
com.neoworks.jukex.sqlimpl Relational database (currently MySQL only) specific implementations for JukeX.
com.neoworks.jukex.tracksource Package defining the concepts of a track source and a pipeline.
com.neoworks.jukex.tracksource.filter Filter interface and implementations for the FilterPilelineElement.
com.neoworks.mpeg MPEG frame decoder library supporting MPEG versions 1 and 2, layers I, II and III in constant and Xing variable bitrate formats.
com.neoworks.rdc Recursive descent compiler implementation.
com.neoworks.shout Shout/IceCast source shouter implementation.
com.neoworks.util Toolbox of miscellaneous utility classes.